Personalised Orthodontic Care

At Hanks Orthodontics, we offer a variety of treatment types for people of all ages, including the latest easy-to-wear braces – clear braces, aligners, lingual braces. We will help you find the treatment plan that’s right for you, your needs and your budget.

Our goal is to minimize these inconveniences as much as possible. In order to achieve this goal, we have established scheduling guidelines that we hope will make attending for appointments more easier.

For example, due to our location within a few minutes walk of schools in Mount Eliza, we have altered our scheduling to enable patients to attend during the school lunch hour and thereby not missing school time.

A Little about Hanks Orthodontics

At Hanks Orthodontics, we combine the latest orthodontic treatments for patients of all ages, with a unique, tailored approach to patient care. From your very first visit, we focus on you – your health, your comfort, your lifestyle – offering you the very best orthodontic experience.

We aim to bring a fresh, innovative and relaxed approach to orthodontics. Advanced treatments, flexible options, comfortable environments and friendly staff are all part of the Hanks Orthodontics philosophy.

Whether you are looking to achieve a stunning smile or improve alignment or function, you’ll be in good hands. Dr. Paul Hanks will work closely with you to understand your goals. We will go that extra mile to give you a sense of confidence and well-being right from the start.

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