Why choose Hanks Orthodontics?

At Hanks Orthodontists, we strive to set apart your orthodontic experience from other practices. We believe the following factors make us the clear and straight choice for your orthodontic care.


Drs. Paul and Jacqueline Hanks have over 36 years orthodontic experience between them Both have received their Master’s Degrees in Orthodontics Both are registered as Specialists in Orthodontics

We Care About You

We want every aspect of your experience with us to meet or exceed your expectations.

Each patient receives treatment only by the orthodontist, which we believe improves your results.

We believe you, the patient, should be the focus and priority.

Parents and family are welcome in the treatment area.

Location, Location, Location

Our locations are conveniently sited to allow you to attend your appointments with minimal disruption to work and school.

Our city location on Collins Street is centrally located with easy access.

Out Mount Eliza office is located next to area schools including: Mount Eliza Secondary School, Toorak College and The Peninsula School. Bus routes 784 and 785 pass the Mount Eliza office.

Our Bairnsdale location in Riviera Dental Care is located close to schools with ample parking. And our Paynesville location within Paynesville Dental Care offers patients in the Paynesville area more convenient access to orthodontic care.

Family & Friends

A majority of our referrals come from family and friends confirming patient satisfaction and loyalty Previous patients bring in their own children for treatment. $50 gift card for referring a friend that starts treatment.... Our way of saying "Thank You" Hanks Orthodontics Family Care Plan Additional family members receive a 5% full treatment discount

We Use the latest Technology

We strive to use the most state-of-the-art technology to ensure you receive optimum results. Some of our latest innovative technologies we utilize include:

  • Invisalign®
  • Lingual Braces (Incognito System)
  • Digital X-rays using the iCAT Flex
  • Fully computerised systems
  • Heat activated arch wires
  • Self-ligated braces
  • TADs (Temporary Anchorage Devices)
  • Scanners – removing the need for the majority of impressions, we simply scan your teeth

Prevention is Priceless

We recommend that a child receive their first orthodontic screening no later than age 8. Phase I interceptive treatment proves beneficial for preventing/correcting potentially severe problems such as:

  • Impactions, crossbites, underbites, overbites, crowding, spacing, etc.
  • Unfavorable tooth eruption
  • Unfavorable jaw growth
  • Protruding front teeth
  • Harmful thumb, tongue or breathing habits

Adult Orthodontic Specialists

It’s never too late to receive the smile you’ve always wanted. In our Collins Street office, the bulk of our patients are adults. We are highly skilled in treating adult orthodontic problems, ranging from the very minor to the very complex. We offer a full range of options including:

  • Invisalign® (clear aligners)
  • Incognito® Lingual (hidden) braces
  • Fixed Appliances (clear or metal braces)
  • Minor Corrections (limited orthodontics)
  • Orthognathic treatment (jaw surgery)
  • Alignment prior to restorative work with your dentist

Self-Ligated Braces

Self-ligating brackets offer the latest technology in braces:

  • Shorter appointments with longer times between appointments
  • Lighter forces
  • More comfortable
  • More hygienic
  • Faster tooth movement
  • Fewer appointments
  • Faster treatments
  • Improved results
  • Fewer headgears and expanders

Fixed Bonded Retainers

Most patients request retainers that are permanently bonded and hidden behind their teeth We routinely use lower bonded retainers on the majority of our patients

Flexibility & Affordability

We offer a variety of payment options to meet your needs, including:

  • No-interest payment plans
  • Bookkeeping credit for payment-in-full
  • VISA, Mastercard or American Express