Lingual (hidden) braces

Lingual orthodontics is the correction of misaligned teeth, using a fixed brace, bonded on the inner surface of the teeth. A lingual brace works in the same way as a conventional fixed brace, with full control and movement of the teeth, but is nearly invisible, the only person who knows you have a brace is you.

Lingual braces can be for everyone, if you have healthy gums and bones. With Lingual braces, if you are an adult or adolescent, there are individual solutions to individual problems.

Revolutionary New Technology for Beautiful Smiles!

Invisible, Intelligent, Individualised…WIN braces are placed on the inside of the teeth, so no one will know if you are wearing them unless you want them to. They are 100% customised to each tooth using state-of-the-art 3D computer aided design. Each WIN bracket is then hand finished to ensure the highest possible quality. This means that WIN braces are comfortable to wear, and your ideal smile will be achieved in the shortest possible time.

WIN braces are 100% customized

WIN have the unique prescription that your orthodontist creates for you built-in to ensure you get the results that you want. With WIN, you get efficient, effective tooth movement and great aesthetics.

Almost anyone can wear WIN

Incognito have been used to treat men and women ranging from the age of 13 to 60+. Most people who can be treated with regular braces can be treated with WIN

Who wears WIN?

  • Adult professionals
  • People who want to avoid damage to the front surfaces of their teeth
  • People who are concerned about wearing braces that show
  • Musicians who play wind instruments
  • Adults and teens playing contact sports