Virtual Smile Assessment

Virtual assessment of patients before treatment and monitoring of those in treatment

The advantages of the VSA 

  1. Allow an initial assessment of patients when late travel distances involved
  2. Allow an initial assessment of patients when due to appointment availability there may     be a delay in making the initial assessment appointment
  3. Allow monitoring of patients wearing certain appliances e.g. Invisalign, Removable Appliances
  4. Allow monitoring of patients in retention
  5. Reduced appointments and time of school and work


While the VSA does not eliminate the need to see the patient for a comprehensive evaluation or treatment assessment and may not be applicable for all patients and treatments, it may allow an assessment to be made remotely thus saving journey time and time off school and work.

Treatment planned / appointments structured prior to seeing the patient in person. Thus saving journey time and delays to your treatment.

 We will advise you when we need you to complete the VSA


How it Works

We have outlined below how to take photos here

 Use your phone or a digital camera to take the images below. It may help to have a friend or family member take the pictures so you can move your cheeks out of the way to get the best shot. Try and get as close as you can while still showing the entire mouth in focus.

5.If you are wearing retainers or appliances, please take the series of photos without the appliances/retainers in and then repeat wearing the appliances/retainers

6. If you are wearing elastics, please take the photos without the elastics and then with the elastics in place BUT biting down correctly on your back teeth

 7. Once you have taken the necessary series of photos on your phone, email these to with the following information in the subject line – patient name and date of birth and then either ‘initial assessment’, ‘in treatment assessment’, or ‘retention assessment’

8. If xrays have been taken please either email along with the photographs or advise us that they have been taken and we will advise how we can get copies